Download Pac-Man 256 For PC

pacman 256

Download Pac-Man 256 For PC

Hipster Whale is back with their second game: pacman 256, Hipster Whale’s officially licensed version of the arcade classic based on the original game’s infamous level 256 glitch. Much like Crossy Road was a modern take on Frogger, Pac Man 256 reimagines Pac-Man for a 2015 audience, while also aiming to be bit more hardcore than their debut title.

This game is available for Android & iOS only, but if you don’t want to play on those devices, you still play Pac Man 256 on Windows PC & Mac. This way you enjoy it in a totally different way. By different, I mean to say that you cannot use keyboard arrow keys, instead you have to use mouse in order to change the direction of PAC-MAN. Only the change of controls will make it difficult for you to play it. Other than that, this game is extremely awesome on bigger screens.

pac man 256

How to Install Pac-Man 256 on Windows:

To download Pac Man 256 for PC or MAC, you will need an Android emulator like Bluestacks. Search forPac Man 256 using the Bluestacks search tool and click on the install button to automatically download and install the game. You can follow the following 3 ways:

  1. Using Google Play Store On Bluestacks
  • Install Bluestacks on your Windows PC or MAC.
  • Open Bluestacks now.
  • Setup Google Play Store using your gmail address. You may use a gmail address if you have an existing one, otherwise you can also create a new gmail address using the on-screen instructions while setting up Google Play Store in Bluestacks.
  • Search Pac Man 256 after openning the PlayStore.
  • Install the game now.
  • Click on “My Apps” in Bluestacks now. You will find Pac Man 256 in your apps.
  • Click on Pac Man 256
  • The game will open up. Use the keyboard arrow keys + space key to play the game, or simply follow the on-screen instructions.
  1. Using Pac Man 256 APK On Blustacks
  • Make sure that Bluestacks is installed on your PC.
  • Download Pac Man 256 APK from the link attached above.
  • Now double click the downloaded Pac Man 256 APK.
  • The APK will start getting installed via Bluestacks.
  • When the installation of Pac Man 256 is complete open Bluestacks.
  • Find Pac Man 256 by opening “My Apps” now.
  • Click the game and follow on-screen instructions to play it.
  1. Using Andy OS
  • Download latest version of Andy OS on your Windows PC or MAC
  • Make sure that you’ve properly installed Andy OS.
  • If you’re using it for the first time, Andy will ask you for the account setup. Follow on-screen instructions to setup your gmail in Andy.
  • Once done, unlock the screen in Andy and open apps.
  • Look for Pac ManN 256 in Google Play Store.
  • Install the game now. Once done, locate the game in your applications. It should be “Uncategorized” tab.
  • Open the game now, follow the on-screen instructions to play it.

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Game Pac man 256 free online

By now, there is no way you haven’t heard of Crossy Road, the hit 2014 iOS game that reached 50 million downloads and netted its small Australian dev team over $10 million, all without the use of exploitative microtransactions and free to play hooks. Pac-Man 256 was built with a possible console or Steam release in mind, and more, all served on a bed of exclusive game play footage.

In  Pac-Man 256 , you need eat more pac-dots, avoid the ghosts and get a high score in Bandai Namco’s endless maze game.

Although we don’t know of any Pac-Man 256 cheats, the following tips and tricks will help you eat more pac-dots to achieve a big-time combo, upgrade all of the power-ups and devour those pesky ghosts.


  1. Know Your Ghosts

In Pac-Man 256, not all ghosts are created equal. You’ll recognize the famous foursome of Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde, but also additional pests floating around the infinite board. Your ability to recognize these enemies and their signature abilities will oftentimes save Pac-Man’s life.

Easily outwit this foe by quickly changing direction, and whatever you do, avoid a footrace. Pinky is faster than Pac-Man and will quickly catch up to him.

Glitchy, on the other hand, first appears as a bunch of letters on the maze before materializing into his final form. Unless you ate a power pellet, keep your distance. The other ghosts are predictable. Some move randomly around the maze, while groups of four simply travel back and forth.

There’s more to worry about than ghosts. A huge glitch slowly rises from the bottom of the screen, forcing you to constantly move up through the maze. Think twice before backtracking.

  1. Credits Versus Play for Free

While chomping pac-dots, make a point to eat as many coins as possible. This virtual currency lets you upgrade power-ups. If you want an edge, Bandai Namco sells a coin doubler for $4.99, but simply playing the game Pac-Man 256 will give you enough loot without opening your wallet.

  1. Pick Your Power-ups

Pac Man 256 comes with 15 unique power-ups to give you an edge. The more you upgrade a power-up, the more expensive the process becomes. Better save those coins


Pac-Man 256 lets you continue for one credit upon death, but we think it’s a better idea to restart if you don’t have a lot of points. Don’t waste credits.

After eating a power pellet, go after as many ghosts as possible for even more points. Don’t worry if they start to flash. You still have a few seconds before they return to their original colors. On the other hand, don’t be greedy.

Remain in the center of the maze as much as possible. This gives you the maximum number of chances to escape ghosts and continue the pac-dot chain. Getting trapped on one of the edges is an easy way to die.

Warp paths (Pac-Man disappears on one side of the screen and then reappears on the other) may seem like a good idea, but remember ghosts use these as well, and may suddenly appear right before Pac-Man enters one. Most of the time this is a great way to lose enemies.

Always think at least two moves ahead. This is essential for eating 256 consecutive pac-dots and staying alive.

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Play to Win in game Pac-Man 256

Pac-Man 256

Pac-Man 256 is the Crossy Road team’s take on a classic. Hipster Whale’s officially licensed version of the arcade classic based on the original game’s infamous level 256 glitch.

The goal of pacman 256 is a simple one: try to get as high a score as possible before getting chomped by the various Ghosts that populate the board.



How to Win in game Pac-Man 256

  • Power-Ups

The game Pac-Man 256 makes use of 16 different power ups, each unlocked by eating a certain number of Pac-Pellets. As you gain access to more advanced ones, the game requires more pellets. There are several main types of power-ups, and then shall we say, variations on them. One of the basic ones, Fire, causes flames to trail your path, however later a superior version is unlocked where the flames radiate themselves in several different directions. Magnet, which I referred to earlier, is another, and basically sucks in all collectibles on the board within the circumference of the traction; it’s an absolute wiz for getting a big Pellet multiplier.

  • Power Pellets

Always the staple of the Pac-Man world, Power Pellets grant temporary invincibility to The Yellow One. During this time, Ghosts can be eaten, with the first one providing a 10 point boost, and each additional Ghost being worth 10 additional points. Thus the second is worth 20, the third 30, and so on.

As the maze is endless and randomly generated, there are often times when you can actually manage to find a second Power Pellet before the first one’s time period has expired thus extending the duration and allowing you to wrack up some mad points.


  • Fruit

Another Pac-Man world staple, there are various Fruit items that appear on the board including Cherries, Melons, Strawberries, and Oranges. These temporairly provide an extra score multiplier and are often used in tandem with the various Prize Goals (more on that later). Each type of Fruit has a different multiplier value.

  • Coins

Coins are used to Level Up your Power-Ups. Each has 8 levels, and activating a new level requires larger and larger amounts of coins to do so. For most of the improvements, only the duration improves, but with some like the Pac Men Power-Up above, the value of each Ghost chomped during the time period increases. Opting to spend coins and Level Up the Power-Up results in a down-time during which it is unusable, though you can swap it out for another.

  • Control freak

Control of the game Pac-Man 256 is touch based, and simply requires you to slide your finger in the direction you want Pac-Man to travel. This can essentially be done before he even hits a corner or intersection, and thus makes the task all the more easy.

The game Pac-Man 256 does let you “stand still” when faced against a wall, perfect for those times when there is a nearby Power-Up you want to get but need to wait for your current one to expire before it will reappear. Note that if you wait too long however, the “Glitch” will creep up from the bottom of the screen and kill you if the majority of it touches you.


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